5 Best LED Full Spectrum Grow Lights [ 2021 ]

Pros of Using Full Spectrum LED Grow Lights

Return on Investment
The average lifespan for an LED light is about 50,000 hours, miles ahead of HID lights, which last an average of 24,000 hours and CFL, which last about 8000 hours. You’ll pay more up front but you’ll ultimately get more light and need to replace your bulbs less with an LED system.

Energy Efficiency
There’s no real comparison between LED lights and other types of grow lights. LEDs use about 75% less energy than other kinds of lights, according to the U.S. Department of Energy. If conserving energy or saving money on utilities is high up on your priority list, LED is really the way to go.

In smaller spaces, LEDs let growers maximize the room they have by allowing them to place plants closer to the lights themselves.

In this post, our experts reviewed the Best Full Spectrum LED Grow Lights !!Check out best full spectrum LED grow lights on the market right now, they will help with your endeavor. They can help you make your plants grow faster and give you the better yield. If you are growing marijuana under Full Spectrum Led grow light then, you will get bigger and better buds on your plants. The grow lights will also help you save energy.

Let’s proceed with led grow lights reviews.


TheHYPHOTONFLUX HPF4000 LED Grow Lights color spectrum is exactly what plants need, for any stage of growth.

This light has more penetrating power than weaker diodes and will reach further beneath the canopy than most competing lights.

Given the low price, that makes this light (and all others in the series) a great value.


BESTVA CE-2000 LED Grow Light

The Bestva Series grow lights meet all light intensity requirements. All models will grow well during the vegetative phase, and decent yields during flowering.

The light spectrum on the BESTVA CE-2000 LED Grow Light is a mixture of white and far red. White spectrum actually contains red and blue wavelengths within, so it’s suitable for all phases of plant growth.


ECO Farm ECOR Samsung LM301H 240W Quantum Board

The Brand ECO Farm is a newcomer on the market and, as for several other new brands we reviewed recently, offers powerful LED grow lights at a highly competitive price.

ECO Farm ECOR Samsung LM301H 240W Quantum Board is my pick for the first place. This is a great grow light for all stages of plant development, as well as being energy-saving and has an impressive lifespan.

ECO Farm ECOR Samsung LM301H 240W Quantum Board has a full spectrum from IR to UR, which is sunlight alike, to meet all the needs of plants of all kinds and development stages.


California Lightworks Solarstorm 440w​

California Lightworks is a reputable manufacturer in horticultural lighting and has been putting out quality LED systems for a while now. While it doesn’t win as many “flashy” points as my best overall pick, it’s a very solid full spectrum LED setup that will get the job done for most plants that you’re looking to grow.

Here’s the breakdown of the spectrum:
Deep Blue: 440nm
Blue: 470nm​
Red: 620nm
Deep Red: 665nm
Warm White: 3100k
UVB: 285–215nm

MARS HYDRO TS 3000W LED Grow Light

A massive 1016 pcs. LED grow light by MARS HYDRO, the TS 3000W is a powerful full spectrum wideband LED grow light made to imitate natural sunlight. Reap the benefits of wideband IR lighting at an economical price.

Producing a very high PAR output while only pulling 450 watts from the wall, the TS 3000W is a super bright LED grow light for veg and flowering that runs quiet and cool without any onboard fans. The new SMD LEDs are highly efficient and provide great light spread in the grow room or grow tent. Daisy chain up to 15 units.


The LED grow lights are the significant investment in marijuana indoor plants. Grow lights are especially needed if you want a whooping growth of marijuana or cannabis.

We have segregated the best of the best grow lights meant for marijuana’s maximum growth. Before choosing any of grow lights, please familiarize yourself with your current grow tent and its requirement. However, you can select any of grow lights as they are sure to work the best for you. So, all the best and happy growing cannabis.



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