The 5 Best LED Grow Lights 2021 Reviews — Ultimate Buying Guide

Things to Consider before buying a LED Grow Light

Required Space
The first thing you need to consider before finalizing the LED Grow light is the required space. Know how much amount of space it should be covered.

Power Consumption
After calculating the required space, you have to check how much power it consumes in a minute.

Brand and Quality
Branded LED lights are long-lasting as they are designed with premium quality materials.

The spectrum of the light
Marijuana Plants require either Red or Blue spectrums, and you have to use the same kind of Grow LED to support the growth of the Marijuana Plants. Infrared and ultraviolet lights are also very helpful for the Plants.

Here are the list of the best LED grow lights 2021. Ordered by the top reviewed best LED grow lights for weed. Hope you find this article useful!

Phlizon 2021 Latest FD4000 LED Grow Light

Phlizon LED grow lights are introduced to grow plants indoors. They give your plants enough light that they can grow perfectly without sunlight.

With Phlizon 2021 Latest FD4000 LED Grow Light, you can control the growth of your plants and improve the yield. The product has been in the market for several years and has outclassed its competitors in every manner.

Phlizon 2021 Latest FD4000 LED Grow Light are an alternative to sunlight. If you live in a challenging climate that doesn’t support growing a crop, you can create a controlled climate chamber, as it allows you to grow plants efficiently.

It has innovative easy dimming function , no need to buy any other controller, just use the daisy chain to link all the lights ,then dimmable one light , all lights follow. Up to 200pcs lights can be linked together.

Raymatix HAMR2 480W Full Spectrum LED Grow Lights

The way the Raymatix HAMR2 480W Full Spectrum LED Grow Lights evenly spreads light over its coverage area, we think this is an extraordinary feature compared to other LED grow lights on the market.

It has excellent full-spectrum-white, blue, red, and IR. The red and IR light is especially useful during bloom, where it speeds up flowering time and boosts yields.

The light uses the latest driver technology in its Mean well driver. This driver assists with regulating the flow of light for a consistent full spectrum balance.

It also assists with its overall efficiency by not wasting energy when it does not need to.

ECO Farm 480W V3Pro Samsung LM301H Movable LED Grow Light

The ECO Farm 480W V3Pro Samsung LM301H Movable LED Grow Light has a large footprint to distribute the illumination evenly across the tent. The ripple effect is that your cannabis grows uniformly with no dead or burned out zones.

The ECO Farm 480W V3Pro Samsung LM301H Movable LED Grow Light is reasonably quiet. It comes with full-body heat sinks that remove unwanted noise and heat. Growers say that this unit is barely warm even after hours in operation.

The ECO Farm 480W V3Pro Samsung LM301H Movable LED Grow Light thrives on efficiency. It works really well for blooming and vegetative growth phases while using half the energy compared to HPS and standard lights. No more scaling power bills.


The VIVOSUN COB grow lights are professional LED lights and provide you will premium gardening and hydroponic lighting services.

These are made up of UV protected and fire-proof aluminum frame for your convenience and efficient working. It has a good lifespan of about 50,000 hours!

It consists of a full scientific spectrum of wavelengths (410–730nm) in order to promote the plant growth also these wavelengths imitate natural sunlight to provide a healthy glow to these plants which they need.

Noisy fan
No different colors

Likesuns LED Grow Light

These compact LED light panels from Likesuns are ideal for small spaces or your first indoor growing set up. Despite their small size, they actually have a maximum coverage area of over 5’ x 5’! That is a larger coverage area than even some of the higher end grow lights.

Another great feature on this grow light is the cooling fan. It not only keeps the light itself from overheating but also provides some circulation to the air in your indoor grow space. So, if you are growing in a garage or just generally in a warmer climate, this light will help to keep that temperature controlled.

The cooling fan is on the larger side which may make it too loud for some preferences


We hope that our Best LED Grow Lights 2021 review has helped you understand the product in a better manner and will help you make a well-informed decision on whether or not you should be buying it. Grow lights are integral to the process of growing weed and growers need to make sure they are aware about everything about the light that they are going to buy. If there are any more questions or if you feel we’ve missed out on something, do let us know in the comments section below and we shall get back to you! You can even drop us an email about the same. We hope this article helped!



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